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  • Organic Horn Saddle Plug w/ Bone Skull Inlay - 1 Piece


    Organic Horn Saddle Plug with Bone Skull Inlay
    Organic Horn and Saddle Plug with Bone Skull Inlay

    Handcrafted out of Organic and Sustainable Horn and Bone.
    These incredible Ebony Skull Saddle Plugs feature a meticulous attention to detail to satisfy the most discerning taste.
    All sizes available; from 2 GA up to 1”; come with intricate details carved into the Buffalo Bone Inlay which is further highlighted by the antique finish and light gloss; the skull décor is truly exquisite.
    The Buffalo Horn plug is lightweight and durable and is polished to a beautiful glossy finish.

    Due to the organic nature of this item plugs may vary slightly in appearance.
    Available in 9 sizes.

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: Organic

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    Reagan B. (Gallatin, Tennessee, United States)

    Fits great, looks great. Be sure you buy two. A friend bought my first one assuming it would come as a pair.