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VCH Piercing Jewelry Collections

VCH Piercing also known as Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing is the most popular among the clit piercings because many women are anatomically suited for it. With this piercing, the barbell passes through the clitoral hood vertically. The jewelry rests against the clitoris and can add extra stimulation during sex.

Triangle Piercing is also a popular piercing with demand just as high as VCH Piercing. This piercing goes underneath the base of the clitoral hood horizontally, resting beneath the clitoral shaft. Where the VCH stimulates the front of the clitoris, the triangle stimulates the back of the clitoris.

HCH Piercing also known as Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing is more for decorative purposes than sexual stimulation.

Clitoral Glans Piercing is the actual piercing of the clitoris.
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