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    Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry you long for! Shop for gorgeous barbells and curves with our large assortments of eyebrow piercing jewelry. We carry all your needs for eyebrow piercing including bars, spirals, spikes, cones, rings, eyebrow curves and eyebrow piercing retainers, bananabell, bent barbell for your eyebrow piercing,eyelid. Vertical Eyebrow Piercings - Vertical eyebrow piercings are the standard style. Just like the name suggests, this is a vertical piercing that goes anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. The most common placement is to pierce at a 35-degree angle from the outside corner of the eye. Most vertical eyebrow piercings are a single piercing with two holes (one in, one out). But alternatives like spiral eyebrow piercings can have 2-3 piercings for 4-6 holes. These have a single piece of jewellery looping through the eyebrow. Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings - Horizontal eyebrow piercings are similar to vertical. The key difference, of course, is that they are pierced horizontally. Otherwise, the placement options are the same. Once again, the most common location is towards the outside corner of the eye. Multiple Eyebrow Piercings - Multiple piercings are the big thing in piercings right now. We see this in other piercing types such as the curated ear. They are usually a combination of vertical eyebrow piercings or vertical and horizontal. T eyebrow piercings are a multiple piercing type that always stands out. In these, a vertical and a horizontal eyebrow piercing overlap, creating a T shape.Bridge Piercin> - Bridge piercings are the first of these piercings that ventures off the brow itself. If you trace the ridge of your eyebrow to the bridge of the nose, you come to the location of a bridge piercing. It is a horizontal piercing with the jewellery on either side of the nose, right between the eyes. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing - Anti-eyebrow piercings are opposite the eyebrow. These piercings are below the eye, about the same distance from the eye as standard eyebrow piercings.
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