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  • Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

    We receive many communications daily and try our best to respond to everyone. Your satisfaction is important to us. Wy appreciate your patience and understanding if we get a bit behind.

    Please be courteous when contacting our support team. Rebel Bod reserve the right to terminate support communication and will not respond to disrespectful or threatening messages. Our support team do their best to be respectful and deserves the same respect likewise.


    All store credit, returns & exchanges are easily processed using our Return app.  All you need is your order number and shipping zip code (or email address or phone number used when placing the order)!  Please do not send items back to our shop without going through the Return app. 


    *** Please Inspect Products Carefully Before Unsealing The Product Packaging ***


    Sizing : 

    If you are unsure about your size or unsure if something will fit right, please first see our Sizing Guide ( https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/sizing ) and try out various measurements first before purchase. 

    Length for plugs and tunnel are for the wearable surface (saddle), and does not include the flares.  By default, the wearable length of plugs and tunnels is 5/16" (8mm) unless specifically stated otherwise.

    If you need to, you can also try on something by purchasing a low cost item such as a retainer, but keep in mind that you can't return the item you tried.

    You can also go to your piercing specialist to get measured and ask for your size.

    Keep in mind that if something appears too large or too small to you, that is your personal preference, and it's not an issue with the size of the item.  Only you can determine exactly what you prefer.

    There are no standard size. Each piercing is personal and different, just like clothing and shoe sizes for each individual.


    Product Properties : 

    Jewelry are delicate products that requires care in handling by the user. 

    Some jewelry comes in single pieces and some comes in a pair.  Please read carefully at the time of placing your order. Please also check your info including your contact info, shipping and billing addresses carefully before confirming your order.

    Some jewelry such as plated steel and rose gold have special properties and require more care.  For more info - please see our Jewelry Care FAQ  - https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/jewelry


    Rebel Bod is not responsible to ensure compatibility with individuals sensitivities or environments. ITEMS THAT ARE  NOT COMPATIBLE OR DAMAGED FROM WEAR OR MISHANDLING DO NOT QUALIFY FOR DAMAGED OR DEFECT OR FAULTY PRODUCT CLAIMS, AND ARE THEREFORE NOT RETURNABLE.  Rebel Bod is not responsible for how products are used or compatibility or bio-compatibility to the customer or compatibility to environments.

    Rebel Bod is not responsible for damage of body jewelry during improper wear including sleeping, bathing, clothing obstructions, etc.  Appropriate care should also be taken when wearing dangling or suspended body jewelry.  Be careful of snagging dangle jewelry on your hair and clothes.

    Discolorations are typically caused by chemical reactions and do not constitute manufacturing defect or product quality or material issue, thus does not qualify for return, exchange or replacement.  Please refer to our Jewelry Care FAQ  - https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/jewelry

    Stripped threads are caused by overtightening, and do not constitute manufacturing defect, thus does not qualify for return, exchange or replacement.  Please refer to our Jewelry Care FAQ  - https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/jewelry

    Please do not clean acrylic body jewelry or acrylic ball ends in alcohol or any solvent cleaning products, which will cause the acrylic to crack or shatter.  Also do not clean any gem or stone mounts that are not prong-mounted with any harsh chemicals including alcohol.  The chemical cleaners can dissolve mounting adhesive if used causing gem or stone mounts to loosen.  Jewelry epoxy can be used to repair loose gem or stone mounting.

    Please do not clean any products with any harsh chemicals including alcohol.  Do not use brushes to clean jewelry.  Friction from cleaning tools can damage and scratch or chip your jewelry.  Take extra care for coated and plated jewelry as the surface can be damaged.  Please refer to our Jewelry Care FAQ  - https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/jewelry

    There is no warranty on color (as far as how it will last), color changes, or stones / gems coming loose unless that occurred while the product remains in the sealed product packaging.  We do not offer returns or exchanges on used items.  Please see our Jewelry Guide on how to care for jewelry - https://faq.rebelbod.com/kb/jewelry

    The natural properties and composition of natural stone and materials define the unique beauty of each piece. Product images may show differences to the actual stone in color, shade, veining, color concentration, appearance and texture.  Such naturally occurring variations are to be expected in stone and are not considered defects.

    Everyone is different and some people have strong reactions to certain materials or alloy composition or elements or has body chemistry or expose materials to environments that trigger reactions to both the person and the jewelry.  That does not mean there is an issue with the product.  We do not offer refunds or returns for this reason. 

    Product images may also vary and be different than the actual product received.  There can be many factors, such as natural material variations, production lot and variations of your viewing device.  That does not mean there is an issue with the product.



    Order / Shipment in transit is not eligible for cancellation, refund or credit.  Customer must wait for delivery to complete before requesting return / exchange.

    Returned items need to be in their original condition without signs of wear, damage, or alteration.

    Note: If you chose any shipping method other than FREE SHIPPING during checkout, your original shipping fee will not be credited or refunded if the order shipped.


    Change or Cancel an Order :

    Order cancellation is not guaranteed. Make sure to verify the items you are ordering and your shipping information prior to placing your order.

    If you ordered the wrong item, or entered the wrong shipping information, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know your order number and detail info on the change you need. We strive to ship orders as fast as possible, and we cannot guarantee we will be able to stop the order before it ships.

    If you need a change to an item, or increase/decrease the quantity of items, we may be able to change for you.  You will be sent with an invoice for any payment needed for differences in price.  You'll be refunded if the change results in any credit.  The changed item may ship separately from the original order.

    If you need to cancel or change your order, please contact us as soon as possible.  Please note that cancel or change request is on best effort basis and the request is not guaranteed.  We will not be able to cancel or make any changes to your order once your order status is being processed or shipped.

    (Please note: We are unable to change your ship-to address once your order is being fulfilled or shipped, so be sure to double-check your information before submitting order. We are also unable to add a coupon or change the payment method on your order once it is submitted.)

    If you need to change your shipping address once an order has been shipped, please contact your mail carrier used for your shipment that's provided by your shipment notification.

    If your order can't be changed or canceled, you may refer to our returns policy for the next step.  Please wait for your package to arrive before creating any return request.

    Returns :

    Return-eligible items are accepted within 30 days of delivery of product as determined by the shipment tracking status.

    Claims of damaged, defective or faulty product (resulting from shipping or manufacturing) must be made within 5 days of delivery of product and  accompanied by a picture of the issue.  

    Claims of missing parts on a product or wrong item received (incorrect item that's different than what was ordered) must be made within 5 days of delivery of product and accompanied by a picture of the product in the sealed product packaging bag.  Please inspect the products carefully before unsealing the product packaging.

    In the cases of claims of damaged / defective / faulty products or missing parts or wrong item received, Rebel Bod will determine remediation via refunds, store credit replacements or exchanges.  Please do not expect remediation without first returning the products.  Please do not expect free products, extra products, compensations (such as courtesy or cost of inconvenience).  Rebel Bod would not honor those requests.

    Please first contact our support and provide your order number, pictures clearly showing the problem and include the product label that's on the product packaging. 

    It is the customer's responsibility for the care and handling of the products once delivered.  Rebel Bod is not responsible for loss or damages resulting from wear and handling by the customer.  Threaded balls should be checked often to make sure they have not come loose while being worn.

    Rebel Bod is not responsible for sizing compatibility for the customer.  It is the responsibility of the customer to know the correct size needed.  Incompatible size is not a faulty product.  Please do no expect us to know the size you need.

    Replacements for faulty or damaged items are only for same item/same size and will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine replacement or exchange.  If we do not have the item in stock, we will issue a store credit or refund. You will need to first contact our support and provide pictures clearly showing the problem.  Claims of damage or faulty product must be made within 5 business days of receipt of product.


    *** To be eligible for return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it in its original unopened condition. It must also be in the original sealed product packaging with the original seal and/or TAMPER SEAL on the product packaging untouched. We do not offer returns or exchanges on used items. ***


    Items that are claimed to be sent wrong or wrong color or wrong size or defective or faulty will be checked, and the appropriate return fee will be charged if items were correct.  Items that are deliberately damaged will void the return.  Items that are substituted and claimed as wrongly sent or defective will void the return.



    To get started, please visit our RETURN CENTER ( https://rebelbod.com/pages/return-request   and enter the email address and order number associated with your purchase.


    Depending on the issue, we may contact you for further clarification regarding your return before approval.  Once your return request is approved, you will receive a return shipping label.  

    International purchases are final.  We do not accept returns on international orders and shipments.

    A store credit in the form of a digital gift card or discount code will be issued once we have received, inspected and approved your returned items. Any returned items found to be not as described by you in the return request will be rejected and disposed without further processing of return. If the item returned is inspected and acceptable, then your store credit will be processed.  Store credit will be issued and emailed to you.

    Only the items specified in the original return request and confirmed by Rebel Bod will be processed. Extra products included in the return package unconfirmed in the return request, especially if from an order outside the return window, will not be processed and will be disposed.  

    Any items that are damaged when we receive them are not eligible for return processing.  Store credits do not include any order shipping or handling charges, except in the case of faulty or damaged items.  Your store credit will be in the amount of the Product price paid after any discount, less original shipping charges and return label fee. 


    Late returns :

    Any item returned after 30 days from order date is not eligible for refund or credit.

    If you are returning an item that was backordered and or delayed shipping/delivery and encounter issues with creating a return request, please contact our support for assistance.

    Exchanges :

    Need to make an exchange? No problem! Simply place a new order for the item you want and return your original item. 

    Please visit our RETURN CENTER to return the original item, and go to rebelbod.com to purchase the correct item in a new order.

    Sale items (if applicable) :

    Only regular priced items may be returned, sale items cannot be returned.