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    10pcs Package of Replacement Ball - 1 Pack
    Sam G. (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

    My mistake thought they were assorted and all way to small

    Straight Barbell Retainer / Tongue Retainer - 1 Piece #SPLT#6
    Jeri Y. (Grove City, Ohio, United States)

    This retainer was perfect while I had surgery. It was comfortable and secure.

    Tongue Teaser Double Barbell
    Vampgrrl68 (New York, New York, United States)
    Judging by my man's reaction, it works

    Does what it needs to

    Royalty Ornate Nipple Ring - 1 Piece
    Amaris M. (Shreveport, Louisiana, United States)
    So Pretty

    These were easy to put on. I love that they are comfortable and they look so pretty on. I definitely will be ordering more.

    Classic Star Horseshoe Circular Barbell
    Jayden V. (Centreville, Virginia, United States)

    My friend loved it and it looks cool, tho lining it up so it lays flat it little hard to do

    Triple Cross Pattern Weave Front Facing Hinged Segment Clicker sgrhj71608 - 1 Piece
    Eliza.owa@gmail.com (Medford, Massachusetts, United States)
    Very Cute!

    Love it !

    Dark Purple Internally Threaded Titanium Barbell - 1 Piece - Special
    Cory M. (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)
    A good fit.

    These fit my nipples perfectly.

    Nice and comfy, but the way some measurements were listed I was slightly nervous about the jewelry not being the sizes I was looking for, but definitely fast delivery and nice prices

    Sacred Geometry Celestial Plug Hoops - 1 Pair
    Teascope T. (DeFuniak Springs, Florida, United States)
    Ooops I thought they were smaller

    The product was as advertised no complaints there. Good quality. I need to pay closer attention though...I was looking for reg. Size earrings...oh well🙃

    Screw Fit White Opalite Gem Tunnel Plugs - 1 Pair sbvps2837wh
    Myessa (Des Moines, Iowa, United States)
    Want in more sizes but they're all sold out!

    I am wanting 4s and 2s in these, but can't seem to get my hands on them. Help!

    Blurple Titanium Captive Bead Ring - 1 Piece - Special
    Jessica J. (Boise, Idaho, United States)
    Looks good

    Looks good!! Right size, easy to put on soo easy I was worried the ball would come off on its own but it hasn’t yet.

    Rests Oddly

    Beautiful jewelry, it just rests deeply in my belly button due to design of the piercing

    Love it!

    Great customs service and I loved my 12 gauge blurple circular barbell, found to get another to continue stretching my septum!

    Classic Heart Horseshoe Circular Barbell
    Melissa M. (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)
    Love it.

    It’s cute

    14g Kissing Ravens Industrial Barbell - 1 Piece
    Blue (Millinocket, Maine, United States)
    Good Value

    Came just as advertised, appears to be good quality and comes with spare silicone rings. I took one of the birds off because they were too large for my ear but looks just as good if not better with one.

    6G Titanium Captive Bead Ring - 1 Piece
    Blackshear S. (Bandon, Oregon, United States)

    Beautiful quality! No disappointment! Quick service! I’m a happy customer.

    Great looking!

    Everything looks great and high quality!

    White Acrylic Ball Curved Barbell Eyebrow Ring
    Elizabeth M. (Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, United States)
    Love it

    I love how the white looks and my friends and acquaintances love the way it looks and noticed it right away

    Hinged Segment Ring Clicker Ring - 1 Piece
    Sheppard (Marietta, Georgia, United States)
    Solid and a great look

    Very happy with these hoops. They fit perfectly and the very subtle seam isn’t even visible.

    Rainbow Cane Hook Ear Gauge Hanging Taper - 1 Pair
    Marcia M. (Newport News, Virginia, United States)
    Quality cane

    I have gotten so many compliments on this cane. I flip it up while at work. I love it. Wish I could find a shorter one.

    Beautiful. I absolutely love them.

    Probably the prettiest earrings I’ve ever seen ☺️

    Gold Plated Horseshoe Circular Barbell
    Johnnie P. (Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States)
    Love them!

    Very good quality. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Tribal Fang Swirl Hook Steel Ear Gauge Hanging Taper - 1 Pair
    Luke (Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States)
    Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!

    Had a pair of these earrings years ago and it took me a while to find them, but these are exactly what I needed!
    Great quality, perfect craftsmanship and multiple sizes!

    Double Flared Tunnel Plug Up to 2inch - 1 Piece
    Anthony H. (Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States)
    I love these

    This is great company and are on top of thier customers needs. I didn't have to shop for the product again, they have a feature that allows you to simply reorder your last or, or modify it which is great, especially if your like me, and when you take them out, they roll down the drain 😉, it makes it very easy to get the exact same product. The pieces got shipped in a very timely manner, plus you get notifications of arrival.

    Steel Industrial Barbell - 1 Piece
    Jersey J. (Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States)
    Completely PERFECT!

    The bar I had when I got my piercing done was so tiny they almost had to get one special ordered just to get my ear pierced 😭 I ended up losing one ball on that bar and used hoops for about 8 months until I finally stopped procrastinating decided to go through the painstaking ordeal of finding another bar small enough for my (apparently) tiny ear. RebelBod made it easy and the bar fits perfectly! I wish special sizes like this were easily accessible everywhere!