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    Tongue Ring Piercing Jewelry you'll enjoy! Have more fun with tongue rings, snake eye tongue rings, tongue barbells, tongue jewelry. tongue piercing jewelry. tongue bars,tongue stud,tongue barbells,frenulum jewelry,frenum jewelry,frowny jewelry,snake eyes jewelry,body jewelry Midline Tongue Piercing - Midline Tongue is a traditional vertical tongue piercing, which is the simplest one and is definitely suitable for the first time. This type is what first comes to mind when you are thinking of tongue piercing. It is the most popular single perforation of the middle of the tongue, which makes it quite painless and affordable.Tongue Web Piercing - Tongue web piercing is a perforation of the under tongue webbing (frenulum), located between the tongue and the mouth floor. The frenulum is a thin tissue, which allows you to speak, and which connects your tongue to the gum plate. This piercing is known under different names, such as tongue frenulum piercing, Marley piercing or underneath tongue piercing. Snake Eye Piercing - Snake eyes piercing is a horizontal tongue piercing, located on the tip of the tongue. It is also called a front tongue piercing and imitates two staring snake eyes. It may seem that two pieces of jewelry are used, however, the piercing is formed by a single one, going through the tongue horizontally. Venom Piercing - Venom piercing or frog eyes piercing is a double tongue piercing, placed horizontally. It is located symmetrically on both sides of the tongue and resembles venom bites or frog eyes. This piercing is also known as venom bites piercing or surface venom tongue piercing. Frowny Piercing - Frowny piercing is another frenulum perforation, but this time it is between the lower gum and lip. This type can be put under the category of tongue piercings, as well as lip piercings, due to its inside mouth placement. Frowny requires a quite simple procedure and looks gorgeous with a delicate silver ring. Surface/Scoop Piercing - Surface/Scoop piercing is a horizontal tongue piercing, located on the surface of the tongue. Surface tongue is one of the painless piercing types, as it does not go through the entire tongue tissue, it is done only on the surface. Nevertheless, it still looks wonderful with any barbell types. Double or Multiple Tongue Piercing - Double or multiple tongue piercings combine the set of two or more separated perforations. It can be located in different areas of the tongue, depending on the particular type of piercing. Uvula Piercing - The uvula is probably the rarest body modification. This piercing type is placed deeply in the mouth between tonsils.Rebel Bod has a wide selection of jewelry made from 316L surgical stainless steel, titanium, solid 14k gold, acrylic and BioFlex / Bioplast.
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