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  • Gold Plated Gemmed Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker - 1 Piece


    Gold Plated Gemmed Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker

    This exclusive Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker is now available in Gold Plated.

    Make a statement with these gorgeous pieces of body jewelry that have taken Septum Jewelry to the next level. Gold Plated over high quality 316L Surgical Steel our new and improved designs ensure strength and long lasting beauty with polished Gold tones and Sparkling Clear Cubic Zirconium.

    This Gold Plated Gemmed Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker features a comfortable and smooth bar in both 14GA and 16GA sizes that clicks into place. This clicker is covered from end to end in faceted 2mm Cubic Zirconium for the ultimate glittery décor. These unique Septum pieces are sure to turn heads so make sure to add this to your collection.

    Also available in 316L and Colored CZ.

    Thickness: 14GA / 1.6mm or 16GA / 1.2mm

    Bar Length: 1/4” / 6mm
    Clicker Diameter: 8mm
    Material: Gold Plated Over 316L Surgical Steel and Cubic Zirconium

    Quantity: 1 Piece
    Material: 316L Steel


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    Customer Reviews

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    Shannon W.

    I'm using it for my daith piercing. Slightly big but very cute. Absolutely no problems sleeping with it.