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  • Cute Baby Snake Cartilage Barbell Earring - 1 Piece


    316L Surgical Steel Cute Baby Snake Cartilage Earring

    316L Surgical Steel Cute Baby Snake Cartilage Earring

    Crafted out of 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel this Cartilage stud style earring
    features an adorable little Snake that peers out into the world through glittering faceted Black CZ crystal eyes.
    Polished to a mirror finish this helix décor also features textured and antiqued detailing to mimic snake skin on the top and bottom
    . Sure to be a best seller this dainty little earring is a fantastic addition to any body jewelry collection.

    Thickness : 16GA / 1.2mm
    Length : 1/4” / 6mm
    Ball Size : 4mm

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: 316L Steel

    Quantity: 1 Piece

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    Rayna B. (Tampa, Florida, United States)

    It's the cutest ever! Love this baby snake!!