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  • Alien Holding Plant Industrial Barbell - 1 Piece


    316L Stainless Steel Alien Holding Plant Industrial Barbell
    • Industrial Barbell with Alien Design
    • Animated Alien holding Green planet
    • Black with White swirl Acrylic ball on the face of Alien
    • Green Enamel on the planet
    • Clear O-Ring to hold the design in a desired position
    • Jewelry is partially plated in Black
    • Bar Thickness : 14 GA (5mm) | 1.6mm
    • Bar Length : 1 & 1/2' | 38mm
    • Alien Size : 9.5 x 10mm
    • Thread Type : Externally Threaded
    • Material : 316L Stainless Steel; Zinc Alloy; Acrylic Bead; Enamel

    Material: 316L Steel

    Quantity: 1 Piece

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    Kirsten M. (Austin, Texas, United States)

    Perfect fit. Just what I was looking for.