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316L Nipple Bar with 3 Striped Balls - 1 Piece


Details :

316L Nipple Bar with 3 Striped Balls

A fun way to jazz up standard nipple piercings; these striped barbells are crafted out of 316L Surgical Steel; they’re just as safe and sanitary to use as ever.

Precision threaded 316L Balls come adorned with riveted stripes with brilliant enamel color in Red; Black; Blue; or Rasta Trio.

Available in 2 sizes 14GA 9/16” and 16GA and 1/2' suitable for both men and women.

Thickness : 14 GA / 1.6mm | 16GA / 1.2mm

Length : 9/16” / 14mm | 1/2” / 12mm

Ball Size : 6mm | 4mm

Quantity: 1 Piece
Material: 316L Steel


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