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  • White Rose Gold Plumeria Petal Flower Nose Stud Ring


    White Rose Gold Plumeria Petal Flower Nose Stud Ring

    Color: White
    Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

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    Customer Reviews

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    blkcowrie (Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States)
    beauty blossoms

    after misplacing my original nose stud (the only one i ever owned) after three decades, i was nervous about choosing the right replacement. I wanted something lovely that would double as a retainer until i could afford a pricier, more permanent, ring or stud option. in short, a nose bone that i could literally afford to lose.

    instead, what i now have is a gorgeous nose bone i don't want to go without.

    my fear that the affordability of this jewelry might mean inferior quality or craftsmanship have been blown out of the water. my nose hasn't turned blue, it hasn't fallen off my face, nor has the nose bone, for that matter. it's a secure, comfortable fit. but best of all, it is LOVELY. the rose gold setting is flattering, and the flower design keeps me in compliments with it's shape and shine. tis a wonderful reminder that beauty and quality can be found at any price if one knows where to look.

    thanks to RebelBod, i found both here. also thanks to RebelBod, this highly inexpensive item has nothing to do with cheap.