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    Labret Piercing Jewelry you'll love! Shop the hottest Labret! Labret piercing is very attractive and we have the most gorgeous tragus jewelry in the market. From affordable pieces to the most luxurious. Labret lip piercing is a single perforation behind the bottom lip. It is located in the center below the lip, but it is not attached to the lip itself. This piercing gets its name from the jewelry, commonly used for this kind of perforation – labret. There are some variations of this piercing:Side Labret Piercing - It is a quite popular modification, which is located on one or both sides of the bottom lip. Side labret piercing has its own variations such as snake bites (perforations on each side of the lip) or spider bites piercing (two perforations on one side close to each other). Off Center Labret Piercing - It is a good choice for those, who don’t like symmetrical piercings, as it is moved a little bit off the center below the bottom lip. It is identical to the original labret, with a slight change of placement only.Vertical Labret Piercing or Eskimo Piercing - It is done with a curved barbell instead of a universal labret, and it exits through the top of the bottom lip. Therefore, two sides of jewelry are visible, one above another.Horizontal Labret Piercing - same as vertical, it has two visible jewelry ends, but this time, they are placed horizontally. It is located right in the middle of the lower lip and makes two holes placed next to each other.Inverse Vertical Labret or Inverted Labret Piercing or Ashley Piercing -This piercing type requires the same procedure as an original labret perforation, but it is located entirely on the lower lip. Thus, inverse vertical labret piercing has only one visible jewelry side in the middle of the lip.Lowbret Piercing or Chin Piercing - It is a single perforation, which is located far below the bottom lip, where the lip tissue meets the gum line. This is a good choice for those, who like their piercing to be stretched, as a labret gives enough space for this modification.
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