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    Rose Gold Plated Enchanted Flower Vine Dangle Cartilage Barbell Earring - 1 Piece


    Rose Gold Plated Enchanted Flower Vine Dangle Cartilage Earring
    • Cartilage / Tragus Earring with Flower Vine Design
    • Rose Gold plated jewelry
    • Flowers and leaves on a circular shape vine
    • Clear round CZ on flowers and leaves
    • Teardrop shape Clear CZ dangle from a chain
    • Bar Thickness : 16 GA (1.2mm) | 1.2mm
    • Bar Length : 1/4' | 6mm
    • Vine Design Size : 8 x 7mm
    • Chain Length (including teardrop CZ) : 10mm
    • Back Ball Size : 4mm
    • Thread Type : Externally Threaded
    • Material : 316L Stainless Steel; Gold Plated Zinc Alloy; Cubic Zirconia

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: Gold Plated

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