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Gold Plated Clicker Hinged Segment Ring sbvsgrhgp

Gold Plated Clicker Hinged Segment Ring. The hinge on this specific design allows the wearer to never lose a small segment piece again and it has that easy snap seamless fit. Made entirely from Surgical Steel.

Quantity : 1 Piece
Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Angela M. (Columbia, Missouri, United States)
Exactly how described

This was perfect and the exact size I ordered

A.C. (Mesa, Arizona, United States)
Love it

I ordered this for my nostril piercing I ordered a 5/6 and it fits just a tad big but I still like it! Think about getting another for my septum as well!

Alyssa C. (Mesa, Arizona, United States)
Great nose ring

I ordered a 6mm ring to wear as a nose ring but it was too small so I decided to order a 8mm and it fits very good just a little tad big but still looks very nice, I suggest getting a 7mm or 8mm if you are looking for a more snug hoop depending on your nose. Came in the mail pretty fast. Overall It’s been super easy to put in and I my nose ring won’t become deformed because it has the hinge, always stays closed even when I sleep on it, good quality and worth it. (I think I’ll end up using the 6mm for a smaller ear piercing)

Karen O. (Carthage, Missouri, United States)

Exactly what I was wanting and didn’t cause irritation like the ones on Amazon that claim to be hypoallergenic.