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    Ring type body jewelry is the perfect way to add some sparkle and flair to your piercings. These circular body jewelry pieces are designed to fit snugly around your piercings and create a seamless look. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs to suit your personal preference and mood. Whether you want a simple steel ring type body jewelry, a colorful acrylic ring type body jewelry, or a dazzling gold ring type body jewelry, you’ll find it at rebelbod.com. Ring type body jewelry is also known as captive bead rings, circular barbells, seamless rings, segment rings, or clickers. They are a type of curved barbell that forms a complete circle or a horseshoe shape. They typically range from 18g to 00g in thickness and various diameters. You can choose from different materials, such as surgical steel, titanium, gold, silver, acrylic, or bioflex. You can also choose from different styles of ends, such as balls, cones, jewels, spikes, charms, and more. Ring type body jewelry are versatile and easy to wear and change. Rebelbod.com is your ultimate source for ring type body jewelry and other body jewelry. We have a huge selection of ring type body jewelry for every piercing size and preference. Whether you need a ring type body jewelry for your ear piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing, nipple piercing, navel piercing, or genital piercing, we have you covered. You’ll love our quality ring type body jewelry that are made from durable and safe materials. You’ll also love our affordable prices and fast shipping. Don’t settle for boring body jewelry when you can rock ring type body jewelry from rebelbod.com. Ring type body jewelry is the perfect way to show off your piercings and express your style with your body jewelry. They are eye-catching, unique, and elegant. Browse our collection of ring type body jewelry today and find your new favorite body jewelry. Rebelbod.com is the ultimate destination for ring type body jewelry lovers everywhere.