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Fake Plug Earrings | Fake Gauge Earrings

Fake plug earrings aka fake gauge earrings, are a great way to achieve the look of stretched ears without actually stretching your earlobes. Fake plug earrings are designed to look like real plugs or gauges, but they are actually regular earrings that fit into standard ear piercings. Fake plug earrings can give you the edgy and cool style of stretched ears without the commitment and pain of ear stretching. Fake plug earrings come in different materials, sizes, colors, and styles to suit your personal preference and piercing needs. You can choose from stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, wood, glass, and more. You can also find fake plug earrings in different diameters (width) and lengths to fit different earlobes. Some common sizes are 8mm (5/16") and 10mm (3/8") for the diameter, and 6mm (1/4") and 8mm (5/16") for the length. Fake plug earrings are not only functional but also fashionable. You can find them in various colors and patterns, such as black, rainbow, rose gold, opalite, and more. You can also customize them with different types of designs, such as spikes, flowers, skulls, stars, etc. Fake plug earrings are a great way to express your individuality and style. If you are looking for high-quality fake plug earrings at affordable prices, check out They have a wide selection of fake plug earrings for every taste and occasion. Whether you want something simple and classic or something bold and unique, you will find it at Shop now and get ready to rock your ears with fake plug earrings!
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