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  • Organic Wood Fake Plug - 1 Piece


    Organic Wood Fake Plug

    Fake Plugs are a popular style that allows you to try out the stretched lobe look before taking the plunge into ear stretching. These unique jewelry simulate a 00 Gauge look.

    • Features a double sided wood screw on fake plug
    • Simulate a 00GA look with a stainless steel 16GA bar
    • Adds a touch of nature-inspired look
    • Piercing Type: Plug | Fake Plug
    • Materials: Wood; 316L Stainless steel
    • Thickness: 16GA | 1.2mm
    • Length: ¼” | 6mm
    • Wood Disc Size: 3/8' | 10mm
    • Available in Light Brown; Dark Brown; and Cherry Wood

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: Wood / 316L Steel

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Alex W. (Brooklyn, New York, United States)

    Great to have these back in my Possession love em

    Ezra K.

    Great items! A bit too big for my tiny ears but I’ll save them to regift

    Gardenia (Staten Island, New York, United States)
    be careful on the screw

    mines got stuck from overscrewing to secure the tightness...love em,, their dope,,Just be careful on how tight u screw them cuz u will be unscrewing snd screwing for days to get them out

    Katy H. (Austin, Texas, United States)
    Exactly what I wanted

    Love these plugs! They are not too short and don’t irritate my ears. Will be buying more in the future.