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  • White Acrylic Screw-Fit Ear Gauge Tunnel Plug - 1 Pair


    White Basic Acrylic Screw-Fit Ear Gauge Tunnel Plug - 1 Pair

    Color: White
    Material: Acrylic

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Andrzej M. (Houston, Texas, United States)
    Ear Gauge

    Amazing color, material, style, fit and feel

    Tanamera T. (Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States)
    Best gauges!

    My ears have been a nightmare with the silicone gauges. But I kept fighting with them because I thought they would be more comfortable especially when sleeping. However these ones are amazing. My ears have gotten better and they are comfy even when sleeping. I won't be buying from anywhere else.

    Eric E. (West Covina, California, United States)
    Love them!

    Perfect fit. Clean. Amazing.

    Crystopher K. (Orlando, Florida, United States)

    White Basic Acrylic Screw-Fit Ear Gauge Tunnel Plug - 1 Pair