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  • Rainbow PVD Plated Circular Segment Ring - 1 Piece


    Rainbow PVD Plated Circular Segment Ring
    Rainbow PVD Plating over 316L Surgical Steel Circular Segment Ring.

    Available in 6 size.

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: 316L Steel

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Dena W. (Dallas, Texas, United States)
    Very jazzy

    love the ring it fits just right!!!

    Jesse R. (Watertown, Massachusetts, United States)
    Rainbow PVD Plated Circular Segment Ring Review

    I absolutely love these. They are excellent and just what I've been looking for but couldn't find the name of for years.

    My only advice is that if you plan to buy clicker rings for your ears, know what gauge size your ear was originally done at. Mine were done at a 20 originally and I bought 16 gauge clicker rings. I had to have my ear taper gauged to get them in, but worth it.

    Measure your ear properly before you get them based on what you want and for best results getting them in I find that a proper piercing parlor would be happy to help you put them in, I'm sure most of them would rather you not destroy your body unnecessarily to get simple piercings in to an already pierced hole because these are realllly difficult to close properly in your own ear, get a professional!

    But yes, absolutely lovely product and a fantastic material, can stay in forever if you want as long as your body doesnt eat through them or is allergic, but its steel, so unlikely?