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Ornate Organic Wood Flora Eyelet Tunnel Plug - 1 Piece

Details :

Ornate Organic Wood Flora Eyelet Tunnel Plug
Ornate Organic Wood Flora Eyelet Tunnel Plug

Handcrafted out of Organic Sawo Wood these Eyelets feature an intricate and elegant floral pattern design.
Rounded curves and fastidiously carved lines and points meet to create this ornate piece of Body Jewelry that is reminiscent of Mehndi style designs and Eastern florals.
Sawo wood is a warm reddish Brown color with subtle streaking that’ll vary from piece to piece and make each plug a unique piece of jewelry.
Wood is very durable but still lightweight and comfortable.

Due to the organic nature of this item plugs may vary slightly in appearance.
Available in 8 sizes.

Quantity : 1 Piece
Material: Wood

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