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  • Gold Plated Jeweled Zig-Zag Cartilage Earring / Nose Hoop Ring Bendable Ring - 1 Piece


    Gold Plated Jeweled Zig-Zag Cartilage Earring / Nose Hoop Ring

    • Cartilage Earring / Nose Hoop with Zig-Zag Design
    • Six tiny Clear CZ between Zig-Zag design
    • 18 Gauge Bendable ring
    • Versatile jewelry can be worn as Cartilage Earring and Nose Hoop
    • Ring Thickness : 18 GA (1mm) | 1mm
    • Ring Inner Diameter : 3/8' | 10mm
    • Zig-Zag Design Size : 3 x 7mm
    • Material : Gold Plated 316L Stainless Steel; Gold Plated Zinc Alloy; Cubic Zirconia

    Material: Gold Plated
    Quantity: 1 Piece

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Laura M. (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

    Love it just wish it was a little more snug on my nose

    Lucy S. (Peoria, Illinois, United States)
    Perfect fit

    I love it. Fits perfectly in my top cartilage. Not too clunky or over bearing. Went on very easy.