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  • Ebony Wood Dragon Ornamental Hanging Taper w/ Arrow Tail - 1 Piece


    Ebony Wood Dragon Ornamental Hanging Taper with Arrow Tail

    An ornate and exquisite hand carved design this stunning Dragon is sure to turn heads.

    Handcrafted from organic Ebony Wood this curvaceous hanging taper features stunning Details : dainty scales; curved horns and an intimidating snarl with attention to teeth and tongue in warm earthy brown streaked with ebony.

    For comfort the top portion of this Ebony wood taper features a smooth surface and a lightweight yet sturdy design.

    This piece is carved front and back and ends with a curved pointed tail.

    This is new arrival is sure to be a hit with men and women alike.

    Available in 3 sizes.

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: Wood


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    Customer Reviews

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    Victoria J. (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

    This piece is exquisite. Detail is beautiful.