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316L Surgical Steel Smooth Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker


316L Surgical Steel Smooth Basic Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker

Keep up with the latest trends in body jewelry. Our latest addition to our collection is the Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker. Make a statement with these stunning pieces of body jewelry that have taken Septum jewelry to the next level!

Crafted out of high quality 316L Surgical Steel this Smooth Basic Septum Clicker / Daith Clicker features a clean and understated design that is sure to appeal to both men and women.

This Polished Clicker is a comfortable and smooth piece of jewelry for a Septum piercing; the 316L Steel Bar; in 16GA or 14GA; is easy to wear and clicks securely in place.

Thickness : 14GA / 1.6mm / 16GA / 1.2mm
Length : 1/4” / 6mm
Material : 316L Surgical Steel

Quantity : 1 Piece

Material: 316L Steel

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