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  • 316L Stainless Steel Double Heart Cartilage Earring Bendable Ring - 1 Piece


    316L Stainless Steel Double Heart Cartilage Earring

    • 316L Stainless Steel Heart shaped Cartilage / Tragus Earring
    • Double Hearts design
    • Annealed Jewelry (Flexible)
    • Thickness : 16GA | 1.2mm
    • Diameter : 3/8' | 10mm
    • Material : 316L Stainless Steel

    Material: 316L Steel
    Quantity: 1 Piece

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sadie H. (Seattle, Washington, United States)
    I love my daithe earrings.

    I would highly recommend your products. I'm looking for something to help me get my earing in, because where it's located is hard. You don't by chance sell a product that can help?