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  • 18GA Internally Threaded Labret/Monroe 2mm CZ Ball


    316L Stainless Steel 18GA Internally Threaded Labret/Monroe with 2mm CZ Ball.

    New 18 Gauge! One of our favorite Labret. Internally Threaded for extra comfort.

    • Internally Threaded
    • 18 Gauge
    • Can be used as Labret; Nose; Cartilage piercing
    • Great for initial piercing
    • Press Fit Cubic Zirconia Top
    • Thickness : 18GA / 1.0mm
    • Length : available from 1/4' to 3/8'
    • Ball Size : 2mm
    • Material : 316L Stainless Steel; Cubic Zirconia

    Quantity : 1 Piece
    Material: 316L Steel


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    Customer Reviews

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    Brooke H. (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)

    316L Stainless Steel 18GA Internally Threaded Labret/Monroe with 2mm CZ Ball

    Jennifer G. (Manvel, Texas, United States)
    Several items ordered

    Loved everything I ordered. Great quality and fast shipping. Will definitely order again.

    Destiny L. (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)

    Very cute! Perfect fit, long enough but still stayed flush with my lip. Great product!