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Bites Piercing

Upper Lip Piercing

Angel BitesAngel Bites piercing is a double perforation above the upper lip. It is a symmetrical piercing, located on both sides of the lip. 

Bottom Lip Piercing

Snake Bites - Snake bites piercing is a double puncture, that is making two separate openings. It is located on both corners of the lower lip. Snake bite piercing got this name due to its resemblance to a snake bite or fang.

Shark BitesShark bites piercing is a pair of double piercings, located on both sides of the lower lip. It combines viper and snake bites and looks like two external stark teeth. In total, shark bite piercings make four holes in two symmetrical sets.

Dolphin BitesDolphin bites piercing is a double perforation of the bottom lip. Two labrets are located under the lip close to each other. Dolphin bites look similar to snake bites, but they are more centered and could be placed at the different distance from the bottom lip to the chin.

Spider Bites - Double puncture is usually made on the bottom lip, on the one side of the mouth corner. However, you may try it on two sides. In this case, you would have four symmetrical openings. Unlike cyber bites, this piercing type is better to perform at once, as the openings are close to each other and the healing process would be easier. Spider bites piercing is a good fit for guys, but with cute jewelry, it looks pretty for girls as well.

Bottom & Upper Lip Piercings

Vampire BitesTwo holes are made in the mouth corners on the bottom lip. The procedure is the same as with snake bites piercing. However, this piercing type looks more like vampire fangs, as the original vampire bites piercing is performed on the side of a neck. For vampire bites, lip piercing, the black rings jewelry would fit best.

Cyber BitesThis piercing type represents a combination of labret piercings and Medusa. It is unusual and complicated, as it is located on the upper and bottom lips at once. Two symmetrical central holes are made for cyber bites piercing. This piercing is quite popular, as you can try different jewelry combinations, such as hoops and studs, or a captive beaded ring and barbell.

Canine BitesFour pieces of jewelry are worn on both sides of the lower and upper lips. Basically, canine bites is a mixture of snake and angel bites. With this piercing, attention should be paid to the exact location of the jewelry. It is important to keep them symmetrical. It is better not to combine canine bites with any other facial piercings to avoid your face looking over pierced.

Dahlia / Joker Bites - Dahlia piercing or joker bites piercing is the double perforation, located in both corners of the mouth. This piercing is well-known under the Joker’s name, as it imitates the comics character’s scars.


Featured Bites Piercing Jewelry

Angel Bites, Canine Bites, Cyber Bites, Joker Bites, Dolphin Bites, Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Viper Bites 
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