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  • Ashley Piercing

    Ashley Piercing is a central lower lip piercing that goes through the lip rather than beneath it, and is commonly pierced with 16 or 14 gauge titanium flatback barbell. Ashley piercings take between 2-4 months to fully heal but can generally be downsized around 6-8 weeks. Ashley piercings are one of the few piercings that require downsize jewelery due to the amount of anticipated swelling that can occur. Although similar to vertical labret piercing, the technical term for the Ashely piercing is the inverse vertical labret piercing - the exit puncture inside the mouth creates a noticeable difference in the two piercing types, both aesthetically and in terms of oral health. Since the vertical labret piercing has an external puncture below the chin, it creates a double-pierced look, and the jewelry never touches the inside of the mouth. The Ashley piercing, however, includes a puncture point within the mouth, which means that you’ll only see the front end of the jewelry, and the backing will rest inside your mouth.
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