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3 Flower w/ Clear CZ Gem Cartilage Barbell Barbell sbvec81121c - 1 Piece


18g 5/16" 3 Flower with Clear CZ Gem Cartilage Barbells with 3mm back ball end and 13mm x 7.5mm front design.

The bars are Surgical Steel and the design is made from Base metal.

Available in Steel, Gold and Rose Gold Plated.

Quantity : 1 Piece
Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lissette H. (Dallas, TX, US)

3 Flower with Clear CZ Gem Cartilage Barbell Barbells sbvec81121c - 1 Piece

Dana (Hickman, NE, US)
Silver Flower Trio - STUNNING

This sits in my center cartilage helix so beautifully. I’m very picky about styles and am so thrilled about the size, how easy it was to put in, and the sparkle that it gives off. Would definitely repurchase this one in the future. Hope it wears well!

Kathryn R. (Mishawaka, IN, US)

3 Flower with Clear CZ Gem Cartilage Barbell Barbells sbvec81121c - 1 Piece