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Body Jewelry Collections by Ear Cartilage & Lobe Piercing Style

Cartilage piercing is a broader category of piercings that include many specific types and can be located on one or both ears.

Here are a few types of cartilage ear piercing you may want to consider:

A helix piercing is located on the outer rim of the ear and can be placed either on the higher or lower portion of this area.
A forward helix piercing is located on the “front” part of the cartilage where your ear meets your face. It is common for people to get three forward helix piercings in a line going up the ear.
The Daith piercing goes through the “crus helix” portion of the ear, the fold of cartilage above the tragus and below the rook.
A rook piercing is the little “ridge” of cartilage right above the center of the ear.
A conch piercing goes through the center of the conch, or cup, of the ear
An industrial piercing is a long bar that goes through the top of the ear. This piercing can be horizontal or vertical.
A snug piercing is a horizontal piercing on the raised cartilage in the anti-helix part of the ear.
Tragus piercings are placed on the portion of skin and cartilage right in front of your ear canal. This is the small triangular-shaped area near the center of your ear.

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